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I luv- it so gud- why no one play- hhhhh


Story is attention grabbing, very good game.

Can't remember!

Early yet, but so far, so good!

What a story!

It's gripping and fun to play game wise. The tank and on foot system it well sorted and the story is so good I have to play it to the end. One of the best to come form this company a must try/buy!


This reminds me a lot of Code Geass for some reason.

Unique and creative

The story to this game is creative and fairly packed with just the right amount of plot twists and clichés. The battle system is well thought out, though my attacks do "miss" a lot for some reason. The only problems I have is the half sec lag on occasion. I would have really liked to see this game with an interactively changing story because this game really had many possible directions. All in all one of my top 3 favorite games on my phone.

Pretty cool so far!

I like this game is nice awesome good!:D I like the story it catches my attention. Controls very smooth and fun to play easy to get use too. It's worth the price !:D


Excellent game!


The rpg gameplay is fun, but the author who wrote the script needs some lessons. I got so bored and annoyed reading the lore I had to take breaks.


Fun. Hopefully typing a review will stop this pop up every time I save.

Great game

I am one of those people who like having an overworld and not automatically go from one dungeon to another and so far no complaints on gameplay. Will revise if I feel the need.

Very surprised!

The dialogue, gameplay, and environment have been enjoyable so far. Love being able to switch up between tanks and characters in combat. Music and environments are uninspired and cookie cutter, but everything else is keeping me going.

Great game!!!

The story is quite good.


Great game

By far the best Kemco RPG

This is one of THE BEST RPGs that I have ever played. I love how there is a tank function and the plot line is very well-developed. Kemco needs to make more games like this one because this is definitely one of its finest works.

I like it

I usually have mixed feelings about a Kemco RPG but I really do love this one with the story and war atmosphere even though I'm a little bit into the game as of now


Best one yet, keep them coming Kemco!

Best buck I've spent, in the App Store.

Worth every penny. If you're expecting a AAA, next gen experience then not only will you be disappointed but, you're asking too much. The IAP is a little pricey for what you get for it but, the core game is solid and fun and you can certainly play what feels like a whole game for a dollar.

Nice game

This game is cool so far.

great game

really enjoying this game, loving the storyline as well as attention to detail in game mechanics. will play this through till the end

Great classic menu based rpg

This is a well done classic style rpg. Interesting story line nothing surprising in the game mechanic. The tanks are a nice touch.

Refreshing changes

New fighting system with a structured military backdrop - different, but in a good way. The music isn't perfect and seems to cut out in strange places (though it does seem to be intentional for drama). Art is decent and the gameplay is actually very satisfying. Am hoping for this to continue to be a great game. Will post more later if I have anything to add after playing longer.

Addicting from the start

This game is amazing it is absolutely one of the best iPad games hand down 10/10 material. So in short definitely worth the money buy now!!!

Tanks in an RPG is what it’s all about!

I can’t say enough about how cool some of the battle mechanics are in this game. Adding tanks to the mix really gives a new twist to the genre and Chrome Wolf does an excellent job at implementing this feature particularly well. It reminds me of Xenogears in a fashion for those gamers who are a little older and have some experience playing RPGs from Japan. I can’t speak for everyone, but as a bit of an old-school gamer, I am extremely pleased to see Kemco’s name again popping up in the video game industry. I also think if some of these mobile games keep improving, we may see some of the bigger developers lose a chunk of the marketshare.

The Feels

Great release on this. The storyline was very good, probably the best one yet. Also the art on this is just like how I like in anime. Tearjerker at the end of the game's storyline but no more spoilers from me!

Fun game

Good game

Xenogears meets Chrono Trigger

I'm very excited about this game. I love the retro graphics with the modern / adult themes. I've had enough Pokemon type crap. Just because you love turn based RPG's doesn't mean it has to be infantile - "magical purple floating monkeys" & "gigantic slimy ooze pumpkins" are not on my list of cool enemies. I'm not 8. Chrome Wolf is the best of both worlds. Retro, cartoon graphics / coupled with awesome tanks, armies, and soldiers. There should be more games like this. Thanks Kemco, I'm a fan.

Chrome Wolf

Excellent turn based strategy game. Great combat, epic scale, and one of the most gripping storylines I've seen to date. There is also plenty of gameplay for the price (took me 20 hours to beat). For $4 this game is more than worth it.

Best Kemco RPG yet!!

I will start off by saying that I have been a gamer since the 1980's, so all you retro gamers out there will know what I'm talking about when I say that I definitely like the retro style RPG's Kemco has been producing! I have also purchased quite a few Kemco games, and Chrome Wolf has quickly become my favorite! (Sorry, Symphony of the origin!) With Chrome Wolf, I really like the military theme, the guns as main weapons, the characters, the battle set up, the tanks (!), and the darker, more serious storyline this title offers. Also, the music is AWESOME, (even if it's VERY repetitive!) Chrome Wolf may not be quite as polished as Kemco's Symphony of the Origin, but it's probably because Kemco was focusing mainly on the story instead! Although Chrome Wolf has it's share of JRPG cliches (though not as many as some other JRPG's or Kemco titles thankfully!) the plot and character development in Chrome Wolf is the best I have seen yet out of all the other Kemco titles I've played! Seriously! Even the character and tank customizations have depth, and are fun and easy! I would highly recommend Chrome Wolf to anyone who likes retro style turn based JRPG's, a great story, and if you've enjoyed Kemco's other titles, this is a no brainer! I would love to see a Chrome Wolf 2! Keep the games coming Kemco!

Old school

Reminds me of Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES. Not quite as developed, but not bad at all.

Nice game

A great game with old school feel.


Another great rpg from kemco I really like the ending in this one

Chrome Wolf

Just started playing and I enjoy the storyline a lot. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Nice so far

Nice so far

Great turn-based RPG!

If you have played any Kemco game previously you know what to expect, though they seem to be improving with each release. Chrome Wolf is the best yet! If you like old school turn-based RPGs and tanks this is the game for you.

Love it



I'm only a short way into this game but it may be the best kemco game yet! Thanks again, please keep delivering great games like this.

Looking Well

I will comment on the note that the style and gameplay do resemble the Final Fantasy series, and they do this quite well. On a negative note, sometimes the graphics lag a little and the controller in-game is a bit too sensitive for me. Though, the story line definitely does tug a little on the heart strings, detailing a story about genocide and a struggle against it. I noted, though, that they didn't put a very objective note from the imperial soldiers about it being a massacre or not. Chapter 2, here I come.

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